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    George Guille (Sonntag, 07 Dezember 2014 03:08)

    I have had this tube since given to me in Thailand in 2010. I have carried it from Thailand through Malaysia - Indonesia - Timor Leste - Australia to New Zealand, In have kept it with me until I met another traveller, but a traveler who would take it to the Americas as is has been going back and fourth in Asia for a long time. I did not expect it to take so long. but now the deal has been done, Elvis Torresdal from Norway will take it to South America (this amazingly is the second time he has it!) and will pass on to the next person!
    Long live Adventure

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    spuren4x4 (Samstag, 03 Dezember 2011 16:56)

    Russell Cleasby
    22. März 2010
    Had here for a week. Then passed her on to another loving home.
    Good luck to all

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    spuren4x4 (Samstag, 03 Dezember 2011 16:54)

    Alexandra & Wouter
    6. Januar 2010, Thailand, Bangkok
    Yes, we found a new temporarily owner for the Blackbox 2! On the island Ko Chang we met Duncan, amongst other bikers, who met there to party New Year's Eve.

    Before we handet him the box, we had some trade. $ IN: Alarm clock (of the former firm of my father):-) Out: Tempo tissues (very handy and such good quality!) :-P

    Hope the box will travel a lot more!

    Alexandra & Wouter

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    spuren4x4 (Samstag, 03 Dezember 2011 16:50)

    Alexandra & Wouter
    9. November 2009, Kambodscha, Kratie
    Hello There!
    We still have the Blackbox with us and haevn't forgotten about it. After Mongolia we travelled through China and Laos and today we just arrived in Cambodia. As soon as we meet other 'overlanders' we'll give them the Blackbox. Promised!

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    spuren4x4 (Samstag, 03 Dezember 2011 16:46)

    Dänu u Sile
    12. August 2009, Mongolei, Ulan Bator
    Wir haben die Blackbox 2 am 6. März 09 von der Schweiz bis nach Ulan Bator mitgenommen. Sie Blackbox 2 reiste durch folgende Länder: Deutschland, Tschechien, Slowakei, Ukraine, Russland, Kasachstan, Usbekistan, Tadschikistan, Kirgistan und die Mongolei. In Ulan Bator haben wir sie am 12. August 2009 Alexandra und Wouter überreicht. Sie fahren Morgen nach China weiter. Gute Reise!